Frequently Asked Questions

new dawn eldercare patioQ. What is Assisted Living?
A. Assisted Living is the provision of services to support and assist the elderly in performing their activities of daily living, such as dressing, bathing, monitoring, and Medication Management.

Q. When does a senior need Assisted Living, whether at home or at a specialized facility?
A. Assisted Living is needed when the elderly can no longer perform the activities of daily living on their own, whether for mental or physical reasons. It is also appropriate when they can no longer keep house, and when being alone under such circumstances, poses danger and threat to their lives.

Q. If Assistance can be done at home, why go to a facility?
A. That depends on the type and magnitude of assistance needed. If assistance is needed 24/7, it is probably expensive to have 24/7 assistance at home and can be done better at a facility for a fraction of the cost.

Q. Do I need to go to a large Assisted Living Facility or a small 6-10 bed facility?
A. That again depends on your personality and the type of assistance needed and how close is the monitoring required. Large facilities are very good for people who are independent and need almost no care other than meals and laundry and reminders to take medicines. Otherwise a smaller facility offers a home type atmosphere, where residents don't feel intimidated and lost. We at New Dawn go far beyond in paying attention to each resident's individual needs and devise a care program, especially tailored to each resident. Also in a small setting the resident's whereabouts are known at all times and the observation and monitoring are much closer.

new dawn eldercare front roomQ. Does Medicare pay for this service and if not, who pays?
A. No, Medicare does not pay for assisted living. This is paid for by the residents' private money and/or long term insurance if available. The VA gives some limited assistance for those veterans who qualify.

Q. What services are provided at assisted living facilities?
A. Basic services are mandated by licensing such as all activities of daily living, Room and board, laundry, bedding, activities, bathing, dressing, grooming. We at New Dawn Eldercare do all the above and more. The three of us in the management team are certified administrators and also being MBA, Accountant and a Doctor are present on location most of the time in addition to two caregivers that are present 24/7, that puts in a better position to provide all the care and advise our residents need from daily living to social and moral support to their medical and healthcare needs and monitoring.